Poster Session


  • Hunger for Contextual Knowledge and a Road Map to Intelligent Entity Linking
    Filip Ilievski, Piek Vossen and Marieke Van Erp
  • Weak Supervision for Semi-Supervised Topic Modeling via Word Embeddings
    Gerald Conheady and Derek Greene
  • Assessing VocBench Custom Forms in Supporting Editing of Lemon Datasets
    Manuel Fiorelli, Tiziano Lorenzetti, Maria Teresa Pazienza and Armando Stellato
  • Using SWRL Rules to Model Noun Behaviour in Italian
    Fahad Khan, Andrea Bellandi, Francesca Frontini and Monica Monachini
  • AATOS – a Configurable Tool for Automatic Annotation
    Minna Tamper, Petri Leskinen, Esko Ikkala, Arttu Oksanen, Eetu Mäkelä, Erkki Heino, Jouni Tuominen, Mikko Koho and Eero Hyvönen
  • Multi-Pass Sieve Coreference Resolution System for Polish
    Maciej Ogrodniczuk and Bartłomiej Nitoń
  • Multilingual Knowledge Representation and Semantic Search in WIPO Pearl
    Cristina Valentini
  • Hybrid method for stress prediction applied to GLAFF-IT, a large-scale Italian lexicon
    Basilio Calderone, Matteo Pascoli, Franck Sajous and Nabil Hathout
  • Shifting Complexity from Text to Data Model. Adding Machine-Oriented Features to a Human-Oriented Terminology Resourc
    Karolina Suchowolec, Christian Lang, Roman Schneider and Horst Schwinn
  • Named Entity Linking in a Complex Domain: Case Second World War History
    Erkki Heino, Minna Tamper, Eetu Mäkelä, Petri Leskinen, Esko Ikkala, Jouni Tuominen, Mikko Koho and Eero Hyvönen
  • Comparison of Word Embeddings from Different Knowledge Graphs
    Kiril Simov, Petya Osenova and Alexander Popov
  • CoNLL-RDF: Linked Corpora done in an NLP-friendly way
    Christian Chiarcos and Christian Fäth
  • A Semantic Frame-based Similarity Metric for Characterizing Technological Capabilities
    Darren Appling and Erica Briscoe
  • Reassembling and Enriching the Life Stories in Printed Biographical Registers: High School Alumni on the Semantic Web
    Eero Hyvönen, Petri Leskinen, Erkki Heino, Jouni Tuominen and Laura Sirola
  • Exploring the Role of Gender in 19th Century Fiction Through the Lens of Word Embeddings
    Siobhán Grayson, Maria Mulvany, Karen Wade, Gerardine Meaney and Derek Greene
  • An Evaluation Dataset for Linked Data Profiling
    Andrejs Abele, John P. Mccrae and Paul Buitelaar